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    What is the Superstratum Mycotoxin Protocol?

    The Superstratum Mycotoxin Protocol is designed to serve as an additional standard of care for the homes of mold and mycotoxin sensitized individuals. Though the of this protocol does not guarantee the absence of mycotoxins in a home, the cleaner has been lab-tested and proven to destroy upwards of 94% of surface mycotoxins on building materials.
    For mold sensitized patients, we know that removing the source of active mold may not be enough. Mold creates mycotoxins which can become aerosolized and spread throughout the home, exacerbating health issues for sensitized patients. Due to their sticky and microscopic nature, these toxins can remain in the home for years even after active mold is removed.

    Think of it this way – if a doctor finds toxins in your urine, they’re not just going to treat the bladder, it’s a whole-body issue. Mold is a whole-home issue. That’s why our professionals are proudly trained in the world’s first patent-pending protocol for whole-home mycotoxin remediation. This protocol teats the entire home for mycotoxins and VOCs after active mold is removed, and provides peace of mind with a protective smart-polymer coating to protect surfaces from future growth, even in the event of moisture or water damage.


    protocol steps

    STEP 1

    Fog & Deep Clean with Hypochlorous Acid:

    This is the first lab-tested product proven to destroy mycotoxins on building materials. This is the same chemistry your white blood cells use to fight off foreign invaders. It’s a safe, all-natural, non-toxic immune boost for your home. Fogging covers wall to wall, ceiling to floor, destroying surface and airborne mycotoxins. Our deep-clean covers every surface in your home to ensure migrated mycotoxins are destroyed.

    STEP 2

    Gas with Remediation Bombs:

    This step uses a novel delivery method of Chlorine Dioxide, a potent sanitizer, to destroy VOCs and odors from mold, mildew, and bacteria. The gas is effective at sanitizing spaces we cannot see or clean – in micro-cracks, air ducts, and behind porous surfaces. This is the same highly effective chemistry used at the Capitol Building after the Anthrax scares in the early 2000’s.

    STEP 3

    Protect with Smart Polymer Coating:

    Superstratum Smart Polymers create an invisible coating that protects surfaces for 10 years in undisturbed areas, 2 years in low traffic, and up to 3 months in high traffic areas like showers and bathtubs. This Smart Polymer technology is the only product of its kind – it responds to moisture by releasing small amounts of active antimicrobials, and stores them when they’re not needed. This product is non-toxic, and safe to use around pets, plants, and people.