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    Have you seen mold in your home?
    Are your allergies acting up?
    Does a particular room smell like mildew?

    If you have any concerns about mold in your home or are suspicious that you may have a mold problem, we are the people to call.

    The EPS Team is certified in

    • Licensed Mold Remediation
    • Certified Building Contractors (CBC)
    • General Contractors
    • Certified Mold Remediation Contractors

    The Environmental Protective Solutions team has decades of experience, certifications, and licenses to remediate mold the right way, and we have the right tools and personnel to solve any issues that you may have.

    We have experience with almost any kind of mold remediation project, and we have handled everything from small jobs on single apartments to enormous projects for corporate complexes. We respond to emergencies quickly and during all hours of the day, so do not hesitate to call, especially if you feel that it is an emergency.

    We stand out from other mold remediation companies because our team has actual expertise. In contrast, many other companies use ordinary handymen who are not experts in mold remediation and do not have the certifications to do mold remediation work. Mold and water damage can be frustrating, stressful, and harmful to your health and home. You want a professional dealing with these issues so that you can solve the problem at the source to permanently get rid of the mold.

    We are so confident in our ability to get rid of your issue that we have warranties available. Once we start a job, we finish it, and if you are not happy with the situation in the next year, we will come back and re-tackle the issue for free. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

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    The Dangers of MOld

    Mold can be found anywhere in nature, and there is always mold in the air to varying degrees. Most individuals do not have adverse health effects when exposed to these regular, every-day levels of mold in the air. In your home, however, abnormal amounts of mold can grow if the conditions are favorable for it. In other words, if your home is too moist, wet, or damp, harmful fungi like mold can grow in your home, which can lead to allergic and toxic responses.
    Living in a damp indoor environment has been linked to upper respiratory tract disease as well as symptoms such as headaches, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Living in an environment with the presence of mold can also lead to infection. For children, sleeping in moldy environments can increase the risk of asthma symptoms and even cause hay fever. Further, infections can occur in an otherwise healthy individual. Still, those most susceptible include infants, children, elderly, and immune-compromised individuals such as those undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from liver disease.
    Man Shocked On Seeing Mold
    Actively growing mold can damage the materials it lives on, such as dry-wall and wood, which in turn can impair the structural integrity of your home. It can also grow onto your furniture and damage them too. Mold feeds on wet wood and will weaken your walls and floors if you are not careful. An additional issue with mold is that because it grows in moist environments, other harmful organisms are likely spawning with it. These include bacteria and dust that can further deteriorate the structural integrity of your home in addition to your health. Moreover, mold can be damaging for both your physical health and the integrity of your home. Leaving mold growth unchecked can cause severe and dangerous problems that you want to prevent.

    The first step in the process to take is to figure out if you have mold in your home. Mold is often-times visible to the naked eye, so if you see mold spores on your wall or anywhere else in your home, this is indicative of a mold issue. Additionally, if you have lingering physical symptoms, mold may be the underlying cause. Symptoms can include feeling like you have a cold or the flu, headaches, and nosebleeds. Also, if you smell a persistent mildew stench that does not go away or you know that your home is generally damp, you may want to give us a call.

    If you have lingering physical symptoms, mold may be the underlying cause. Symptoms can include feeling like you have a cold or the flu, headaches, and nosebleeds.

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    How EPS Remediates Mold

    If you think that you might have mold in your home, it can be challenging to get rid of it on your own. You need to get experts involved to solve the issue effectively. Mold remediation is not a job for the average person, mainly because you also need to prevent mold from returning. You want to leave this to professional mold remediators because of the risk that comes with removing mold in addition to the use of professional chemicals, training, and specialty equipment needed. If one uses chemicals such as bleach or other household items to eliminate mold, it often has the opposite effect and can cause mold to spread. At EPS, our employees are certified and are some of the most experienced technicians in the field of mold removal. Our unique approach to mold and bacteria abatement utilizes a system which: is cost-effective, is environmentally friendly, minimizes customer disruption, is minimally invasive, and offers a complete solution.

    We will start by working with a mold inspector to assess the situation. One of our Environmental Protective Solutions Mold Specialists will review the inspector’s moisture readings, visual inspection report, and other mold testing. You, the inspector and the specialist will then devise a plan on what to do.

    Our equipment and materials are top-notch. Our Advanced Cleaner is 99.99% effective on MRSA, as well as affecting both gram-positive (Bacillus, Listeria, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, Clostridium) and gram-negative (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Moraxella, Helicobacter) bacteria. We apply our Advanced Cleaner to safely and effectively eradicate fungal growth from raw and finished building materials. Our cleaner penetrates fibers, crevices, and voids found in raw and finished materials, while subsequently breaking down the cellular structure of the fungus and agglomerating the biofilm where it lives. For small areas, Spot Spray offers a cost-effective fungal contamination treatment solution. Once affected areas are cleaned, our Shield is applied to certain surfaces, which acts as a guardian against future contamination.
    Environmental Protective Solutions was one of the first companies to push for independent testing of mold to add transparency to the industry, which minimizes overall costs to property owners and significantly reduces claim payouts for insurers.

    Working with our forensic building scientists allows us to become experts in locating the prime source of nutrition for mold growth: excess moisture and humidity. Additionally, Environmental Protective Solutions was one of the first companies to push for independent testing of mold to add transparency to the industry, which minimizes overall costs to property owners and significantly reduces claim payouts for insurers. We take the worry out of the remediation process by controlling all aspects of the workflow from beginning to end. 

    The 5-Step Mold Remediation Process

    Over the years, we’ve developed a process that ensures that you permanently get rid of your mold. Even though every home is different, our systematic approach never changes. Throughout the process, we communicate with our clients. It’s the foundation of what we do. Here is our 5-step mold remediation process. 

    STEP 1

    Evaluate the damage

    After an initial interview about the problems you have with mold and where you think you might have it, we take precise measurements around your property and inspect the mold ourselves. This gives us an idea of what remediation is required and what the cost will be. You may need to engage a certified mold assessor to handle the official inspection.

    STEP 2

    Find the cause

    A critical step that general contractors and handymen often miss is finding the cause of the mold. If you have a moisture issue or visible mold, it didn’t spontaneously appear. If we don’t find the root cause, the mold will come back after remediation. We remediate the root causes of the mold before any put-back work begins.

    STEP 3

    Fix the issues

    We execute the plan, explaining along the way what we’re doing and how the situation develops. Our crews work professionally and treat your home with respect. 

    STEP 4

    Repair From the damage

    We don’t just fix the root of the mold problems in your home; we also help you rebuild. Our technicians put your home back the way it was before.

    STEP 5

    We stand by our work

    We don’t just clean up and leave, never to be heard from again. We have warranties available for mold remediation.

    Living without mold

    Living with mold can be hard on your health and home. It can also deteriorate your mental health. Do not let the process become even more frustrating because of sketchy handymen who do not solve the issue at the core. Our expertise in mold remediation allows us to get the root of the problem and fix it from there, so you can rest assured that the mold will not return. Having long-lasting control over the issue will allow you to live your life without allergies, coughing, or worries that your home smells damp or like mildew. You’ll be able to go into your home, take a deep breath, and bask in the clean air.
    As one of the leading businesses in the industry, not only can you rely on a guaranteed outcome, but you can expect excellent customer service as well. In the process, the customers are our closest partners, and we want to make sure that you have a full understanding of what we are doing as we are doing it. We welcome any input and questions to ensure that we are meeting your exact wants and needs.
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    “Everyone was extremely helpful and cooperative during a very stressful time. We were very pleased with everyone’s professionalism and personal manner at all times while working with us. We would surely use your services again.”