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    Don’t turn to anyone but Environmental Protective Solutions to deal with your crawl space encapsulation. The concerns arising from crawl spaces are too essential to have a neighborhood contractor fumbling around under your house. You need someone with experience and expertise in moisture control, specifically, who can do a thorough job in sealing your crawl space against the elements.

    You need someone with experience and expertise in moisture control, specifically, who can do a thorough job in sealing your crawl space against the elements.

    We have years and years of experience, training, and certification to ensure you get precisely what your project needs and that it’s done right. Our moisture experts hold certifications as Licensed Mold Remediators, Certified Building Contractors (CBC), General Contractors, Certified Mold Remediation Contractors, as well as Water Remediation Technician and Applied Structural Drying experts. They’ve also trained with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a respected international accrediting organization that puts out health and safety industry standards for buildings.

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    Why crawl space encapsulation?

    When moisture builds up in the crawl space of a home, it can not only affect the structural integrity of the building itself, but also the very health and well-being of your family.
    Unmanaged moisture is one of the worst things for the condition of your house. The smaller signs of moisture seeping in are hard to notice at first. Often you won’t see something as obvious as a stain on your roof or walls. Damp surfaces and funky smells are other early problems, and while no one wants their house smelling funny, these are small compared to the challenges that come without moisture control in a home, like mold, dust mites, foundation, and roof damage, etc.
    crawl space encapsulation

    30%-50% of the air in your home
    comes from the crawl space

    If your crawlspace is damp and moldy you will see the following symptoms:

    Mold on wood surfaces of the crawlspace



    Excessive humidity
    inside the
    living space

    A crawl space encapsulation
    will protect your home by:

    mold & fungal growth

    hardwood floors

    structural wood

    Air conditioning
    your home more efficiently

    indoor air quality

    dust in the house

    Avoid lasting damage

    The idea of expensive structural damage to your home and property should be motivation enough to address a potential moisture problem within your crawl space. However, homeowners face not only the possibility of extensive damage to their homes and property but also the risk of potentially severe health complications. Moisture in the air and the building allows nasty microorganisms, bacteria, and mold to grow around the house.

    Homeowners face not only the possibility of extensive damage to their homes and property but also the risk of potentially severe health complications.

    These can directly damage you and your family’s health, causing nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. Certain household molds even lead to allergies and asthma. Almost half of the air you breathe on the first floor comes from your dark and dingy crawl space. Pests like dust mites and rodents also love warm, humid conditions.
    Many factors may cause damp or wet crawl spaces, from relatively simple clean water leaks to flooding. Hydrostatic pressure is another common culprit, often high in the earth surrounding the basement and crawl space. It is a powerful force, and it can easily break through your concrete floor, primarily when pressure builds, like after a rain.
    Our Tennessee office, in particular, handles a great many crawl space encapsulations. Nashville-area weather can be a contributing factor with heavy rain and high humidity in the spring and summer. High relative humidity levels, paired with the hard clay found in the soil beneath many Nashville area homes, create the perfect conditions for mold spores, bacteria, and fungi to flourish. These microbes can actively harm the health of everyone in your household, and can also pose a problem during the resale process for your home if it’s detected during a pre-sale inspection. Many Nashville homeowners require mold remediation and water restoration at some point. Water restoration after the fact is disruptive and expensive, though, all the more reason to implement preventative solutions as soon as possible.
    Insulation installation
    Homeowners usually can’t diagnose wet conditions, excessive dampness, and other water-related issues, since most homeowners rarely enter the crawl space. We urge homeowners who suspect the presence of excessive moisture under their homes to contact a professional immediately to prevent costly damage to their house. We also recommend those who haven’t had any preventative measures implemented to call and set up a plan to protect your house’s future.

    How EPS Fixes crawl spaces

    Some contractors and handyman companies may offer treatment services that address part of the problem, but it’s to approach crawl space moisture and leak detection from a proactive angle. Nashville weather conditions often create a need for the installation of vapor barriers, which can keep recurring moisture problems at bay in your crawlspace.
    There are a couple of different solutions to waterproof your crawl space, like perimeter drains, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers, but encapsulation is the best solution and usually our recommendation. Pipes and sump pumps can divert water that’s building up inside, and dehumidifiers can reduce the moisture in the air. But these are stop-gap solutions by themselves in a crawl space. Encapsulation combines all of these, with sealing the crawl space on top. Sealing the crawl space completely prevents moisture from coming in, but it also seals the inside. So, once we have the area sealed off, we can install those sump pumps and humidifiers to keep the interior completely dry.
    construction worker using trowel and mason's float for waterproofing

    Don’t allow undetected problems in your home’s crawl space to make you and your family sick or cause structural damage to your property. Contact EPS today to discuss your options for creating a safer, healthier, and stronger home.

    The 5-Step Crawl Space Repair Process

    STEP 1

    Evaluate the damage

    After our initial interview to get the details of your potential problems and goals for the project, we’ll go out and check your property out — examining the layout, measuring space, temperature, humidity, etc. Then we can start to diagnose your problem and give you a quote.

    STEP 2

    Find the cause

    Finding the cause is essential both to repairing moisture damage and outfitting your crawl space to protect against moisture. With our expertise, we can identify common and less obvious sources of problems, like poor plumbing, or differences in hydrostatic pressure that lead to leaks and pooling. And if we’re cleaning out mold that’s already there, we’ll find and fix the source of the mold growth, a step that nonexpert contractors skip surprisingly often.

    STEP 3

    Fix the issues

    Once we evaluate the damage and find a cause, we’ll present our plan and make sure to explain every detail. Then comes the work, when we carry out our program professionally and efficiently to fix whatever was causing problems in your crawl space. For encapsulation, we’ll do any water restoration needed, then condition it with dehumidifiers and seal it up so that it can’t trap bad air, that you’d be breathing.


    STEP 4

    Rebuild From the damage

    We don’t stop at fixing your problems; we can fix whatever secondary issues arise, like water damage on floors or walls. That way, you can return to living normally.

    STEP 5

    We stand by our work

    We’re not a cut-and-run, fly-by-night kind of team. We stand by our work with a one-year warranty. 

    Living without crawl space issues

    Most crawl spaces look like they could have been taken right out of a horror movie. That’s what the first floor of your house is sitting on. It’s much better for your peace of mind and for the health of your house to fix it up. After encapsulation, it looks more like a sterilized site, one you wouldn’t mind filtering half of the air you breathe.

    The whole point of encapsulating your crawl space is to protect it from intruding water, which usually happens quite slowly. You can’t have people making mistakes in installation because even tiny mishaps can lead to much more significant problems down the line, the very problems you were trying to avoid by encapsulating your crawl space in the first place.

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    Contact EPS today to get the peace of mind that comes with a crawl space encapsulation.

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