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    Man Shocked On Seeing Mold

    About Ed Buck – Owner

    Steve Blakely, EPS Lakeland FL
    Ed Buck runs the Gainesville brand of Environmental Protective Solutions. The Gainesville branch has proudly served the areas since 2014. In Gainesville, homeowners deal with a wide variety of moisture problems, but they are most susceptible to rain and leaky pipes. When those fester into full-blown mold infestations, Gainesville residents turn to EPS.

    EPS Gainesville is a licensed general contractor for the State of Florida, a member of the National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors, and certified by the Mold Inspection Institute.

    A Gainesville Mold and Water Expert

    Ed grew up in High Springs, and never left the area other than going to college. Because he has a family in the area, taught for years at Santa Fe High School, and attended a local church his whole life, Ed’s reputation in Gainesville and the surrounding counties is important to him. That’s why he always treats clients with straight-forward honesty.

    The EPS Gainesville team aims to restore their clients’ homes to normal after a water or mold disaster. EPS Gainesville clients don’t have to search for multiple companies to handle the multitude of tasks that come with water damage restoration or mold remediation. The EPS Gainesville office is a one-stop-shop.

    Gainesville Weather Leads to Water Problems

    Gainesville faces wet weather in huge bursts throughout the year, testing a home’s moisture defenses and leading to water infiltration. Gainesville’s storms are so bad that most of the average rainfall for the year comes in a matter of weeks. When storms roll in, they can overwhelm the drainage and lead to major flooding inside a home.
    Storms also damage roofs, leading to low-level leaks that give mold the water it needs to grow. A homeowner might not find out they even have a leak until they need extensive mold remediation and restoration. No matter the size of the problem, the EPS Gainesville office is ready to mitigate water damage caused by frequent storms.

    Burst Pipes Can Ruin a Home

    The most common problem EPS Gainesville deals with is damage caused by burst pipes. You have water supply lines running to your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room, and if one of them bursts, it can flood the house in a matter of minutes. When a home has standing water, it can start growing mold within 24-48 hours.

    Ed and the EPS team also sees a lot of festering mold problems that go unseen for months. Small pipe leaks happen inside a wall, and you may not see the effects until water stains show up on a wall or mold starts growing outside the interior of the walls. By the time you see the signs, you already need an expert team to deal with what’s going on inside the walls.

    If your home has been damaged by storms or burst pipes, call EPS Gainesville today!