Commercial Services

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EPS has extensive experience across many industries including, Florida and Tennessee’s large hospitality industries.

We have executed room-by-room remediation, whole-floor projects as well as entire building rehabilitations. Our licenses and certifications give our clients an added measure of comfort knowing their business is the hands of experienced professionals. Some of our licenses are only required in a handful of states—EPS has them. Within our commercial portfolio, EPS has executed small one-day jobs, as well as projects that require long-term presence over the course of months. Our specialized teams have traveled across the country to execute projects for key clients.

Commercial projects requiring insurance company audits are the norm for EPS. We assure our customers that every dollar is spent wisely and we only do what is necessary. We are a turnkey operation that not only can detect water leaks with our instrumentation, but can also map those leaks to assure we are attacking the entire issue. We know the difference between a category 1, 2 or 3 water issue and can immediately begin the correct protocol and containment to ensure the damage is minimized. With our expertise and expert equipment, we work hard to ensure the least amount of invasive detection occurs—we don’t tear the walls down to find a pin hole, we find it with our equipment.

Our process includes an invisible coating which we use to protect homes, offices, schools, hospitals, military bases, hotels, everywhere. Unlike disinfectants, sanitizers and bleaches, this hydrogen peroxide-based, clear product forms a durable bond to carpeting, ceiling tiles, metals, painted walls, plastic, wood and other surfaces, preventing mold and bacteria from forming.

Our clients include large property management firms, hotels/resorts, assisted living facilities, medical facilities, schools/universities, warehouses and a myriad of other commercial customers with many strong references. A recent project encompassed the odor remediation of approximately 2.5 million square feet and was accomplished in less than one week.