Nobody wants mold growing in their home, but the first step to getting rid of it is knowing where to spot it. Mold thrives in warm, damp, dark spaces, and whether or not you want to believe it, there are plenty of places where mold might appear in your home. Whether there is a leaky pipe, a recent flood high humidity, this might be the origin of an unfortunate mold outbreak. Mold needs water and food to live, so in addition to the moisture or humidity, mold often relies on cellulose in wood or whatever else it can find. No matter where you find it, mold of any kind can make you sick, which is why it is so important to identify and locate it early on. This blog post will give you an idea of where mold might appear in your home and how to prevent it.

Bathrooms: When an enclosed space regularly gets wet, steamy, and warm, this is the perfect environment for mold to appear. Look out for mold on shower tiles, as well as in places such as the toilet, walls, and floor. If you want to take a preventative measure with bathroom mold, we recommend using a ventilator or dehumidifier and being careful to keep the space clean and dry as much as possible.

Laundry Rooms: Any appliances that use water have the potential to grow mold, especially washing machines. Try to avoid keeping damp clothes inside your washing machine longer than necessary, and when the machine is not in use, just leave to door open for some easy ventilation.

Inside Walls: You may not even realize that you have mold in your walls, which is why it is important to do your best to prevent it. Control the humidity in your home with a dehumidifier and be sure to use a trusted company after any flooding or other issues. If you see signs like moist or peeling wallpaper or smell a musty scent from your walls, then it may be time to get it checked out and get the mold under control.

Under Sinks: The space under sinks regularly fits into the warm, damp, and dark categories that mold love. Be sure to regularly check this area, as it is a very common spot for mold to appear. You can prevent mold by periodically cleaning the surfaces with bleach or another mold-killing cleaner.

Crawl Spaces: Crawl spaces are yet another place where mold may grow without you realizing it. These dark, moist spaces frequently lead to mold growth, but rather than trying to get in the crawl space and clean off the mold yourself, we recommend that you use our mold remediation services to ensure that the job is done safely.

If you think you may have a mold problem, no matter where in your home it is, you should get the situation under control as soon as possible so that the mold does not grow or spread. Continuation of mold growth would just result in more damage to your home, as well as damage to your health. It may seem like an annoyance to take the time to check spaces that seem just fine, but in the long run, you will be thankful that you took the time to evaluate the situation.

Environmental Protective Solutions is here to provide you with a service you can trust to get the mold gone and bring your home back to the clean, livable space that you are used to. We respond to emergencies 24/7 and are ready to work with you to make a plan that best suits your unique situation. No matter where the mold is or how controlled the situation is, we have seen it all before and are experts at mold remediation and removal. You can trust us to quickly get rid of the mold and prevent new mold from growing while you sit back and relax.

Give us a call whenever you are ready to get started with your mold remediation project. We look forward to getting rid of your mold and giving you the clean, healthy home that you deserve, just like we have done for hundreds of our happy clients.