Our team can help eliminate any unnecessary odors in your home! We specialize in odor control so that you do not have to stress about smells affecting your home sale.

Believe it or not, odors can ruin your chance of selling a house! If your home has any of the smells listed below, you’ll need an expert in odor elimination like us.


People love pets. However, after owning a pet for so an extended period, you can get used to the way they smell. You might not even be able to recognize the odor they bring to your home once you go “nose blind” to it.

If you have cats, their litter boxes are a huge source of olfactory offenses. Nobody is going to buy your home if they smell cat urine as soon as they step foot inside. If your pet, dog or cat, decides to pee inside the house (and not in a litter box or on a pee pad), the long-lasting odor on the floors, carpets, and every piece of furniture devalues your home. If you do not want to deal with replacing everything in your home to get rid of the pet smell, we can help! Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, snakes, or any other animal, you do not want to show your house to a potential buyer before addressing the odors they leave behind.

Mold and Mildew

The smell of mold and mildew can raise many red flags to potential buyers. Nobody wants to buy a home that has potential water damage, black mold, or saggy ceilings.

To get rid of mold and mildew smells, the root of the issue must be fixed or else the smell will keep returning. We can find out the source of the moisture entering your home and fix the problem immediately! There must be no current leaks, and the area should be checked for adequate ventilation. After the mold and mildew is removed, the area needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Body Odor

No smell is quite as foul as body odor. This can come from so many different items in your house, such as dirty sneakers, unwashed sheets, or wet towels. You do not want a potential buyer walking into your home and being reminded of what a high school locker room smells like! If body odor has penetrated your home or car, we can help.


The smell of cigarette smoke might have been acceptable decades ago, but not in the 21st century! Even the smoky aroma of an overused fireplace is powerful. Buyers will be able to spot the scent immediately, and it is challenging to disguise or get rid of because it sticks to surfaces and cloth. The best way to get it removed can mean repainting your home, buying new furniture, wiping surfaces down with vinegar, and steam-cleaning all of your carpets.


Although some food smells are appetizing, many are not. Some foods (for example, fish, curry, and fried foods) linger in the air much longer than others.

Do not forget the trash either! The smell of old food sitting in your garbage is guaranteed to stink up your home. It’s the same for expired food from your fridge.

To avoid these smells staying in your house while your home is on the market, make sure you have odor removal experts give your home a going-over before it’s up for sale.

At The Mold Solution, we work quickly, efficiently, and use a 5 Step Odor Control Process. Contact us for any home odors you want eliminated!