The goal in hiring a company to remove your black mold is to hire the most qualified company to begin the removal process. 

Before hiring just anyone, make sure your choice is experienced and uses the right equipment for the job. Environmental Protective Solutions fits these crucial criteria as well as others. We have put together a blog outlining some other vital things to consider, and why you should hire us to handle your black mold problem.

You should never hire a company both to test for and eliminate your mold. Once visible, in lots of cases, it is not necessary to test for mold. 

1. Experienced, licensed contractors with the right equipment

You need a team of trained mold removal professionals has decades of experience identifying and removing mold from all manner of properties for a wide range of clients — a team of trained professionals who have seen all manner of mold issues and been able to solve them with expert process and top quality customer care means less stress for you. 

You want someone with a broad range of experience, includes all types of mold remediation projects. From small individual properties to corporate complexes, we have been able to find mold and remove it for our clients, and we look forward to doing the same for you and your property. Excellent customer service extends not only to how knowledgeable and thorough technicians are on the job. They should also respond quickly to emergencies 24/7. 

Along with the top-quality customer service, you need a company whose work is licensed and certified. You don’t want unlicensed workers on this critical job. 

Look for licensed mold remediators certified in the following areas: 

  • Certified Building Contractors (CBC)
  • General Contractors
  • Certified Mold Remediation Contractors

These areas of expertise and certification mean that customers can trust every aspect of our work in a wide range of areas. 

You should also ask about the equipment a company uses. Our Advanced Cleaner is 99.99% effective in removing gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Our Advanced Cleaner penetrates fungus and eradicates it where it lives. We also employ a spot cleaner for smaller areas, and once we have eradicated an area, we apply a shield spray to protect against future contamination. 

2. Customer service that puts you first

Customer service is a critical part of the mold remediation business. This starts with 24/7 customer care. Your black mold removal company should always be available in case of an emergency. Black mold is unexpected and stressful when discovered on a property, and you need a partner who can alleviate that stress with expert customer care and top-notch mold removal service. The work should prioritize customers’ needs and ensure you understand what is happening through every step of the process. The black mold removal company should also welcome input and questions from our clientele. 

Not only should you rely on the service any time, day or night, but you should also expect excellent customer service throughout the whole process of mold remediation. Our customers again and again leave us great reviews about our attention to detail, our knowledge, and our expert handling of stressful situations. We take a great deal of pride in making sure that our customers feel comfortable and receive only the best quality of service from us. Our team is comprised of mold removal professionals, not simply handymen for hire. Our trained team of professionals prioritize our customers, and its why we are such a successful mold remediation team. It’s also why our customers recommend us so highly. 

As one of the leading businesses in the mold remediation industry, not only can you rely on a guaranteed outcome, but you can expect to be educated and informed every step of the way. In the mold remediation process, we consider our customers our closest partners. We got out of our way to make sure that our clientele knows exactly what our services entail, what we are trying to accomplish, and can move forward with us with a full understanding of our process. 

3. A company that stands behind its work

A company handling your black mold removal should have decades of experience in the mold removal industry matched with top quality customer service and top of the line equipment. Those mean you’ll have to search no further for the best experience in mold remediation. 

Our focus is that we do our best to ensure our customers are informed of what we are doing every step of the way. We also work to make sure they feel taken care of in a stressful time. All along the way, we provide them the best mold remediation services available to match our excellent customer service. These are not just empty words. Our work is also guaranteed. We promise our clients that if a job is unsatisfactory, we will return the following year to resolve the issue for free. 

This warranty is a promise to our customers that they will always receive the best mold removal services from our company. This means that our company goes above and beyond to exceed our customers’ standards and meet our own. 

Do you have questions about professional mold removal services? At EPS, we are the right professionals for the job, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us. We are located in Florida with several offices in and around the Tampa Bay area and we also serve the Nashville, Tennessee area. For our information and the information of our direct points of contact, head to our contact page