Water damage can occur almost anywhere in your house. Water-using appliances and fixtures, such as refrigerators with ice-makers, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and water heaters are common locations of leaks.

Unfortunately, slow leaks in these appliances and fixtures are often times impossible to see until it is too late. If it goes undetected, a slow leak can lead to rotting house framing and sub-floors, and can be a precursor to a catastrophic leak that can release several gallons of water per minute, causing extensive water damage. A water leak detection system may help prevent these problems.

Single wet room – Dampness or a completely wet room can come from many different type of sources. Shower that has missing grout or a bad shower pan is one way. Stucco crack on the exterior wall of your house that has not been properly repaired is another. Internal plumbing is a third possible cause of such problems. EPS has the experience and the equipment to properly diagnose the problem and repair it without having to get several different contractors involved. EPS carries all the latest drying and extracting equipment to do the job right the first time.

House flood – Entire house floods are unfortunate but happens daily throughout the area. EPS has thermal imaging equipment along with meter to understand what all has been affected. It could be just a couple of rooms or the entire house either way eps has the protocols and equipment to dry out your house as fast as possible. With our quick response and our system we will help save insurance companies money and get you back into your house fast. Dehumidifiers and fans used together will help eliminate the water and dry out your house fast. Call EPS today.

If you suspect a leak, don’t wait and don’t guess! Call us immediately and let our experienced technicians locate and resolve the problem to your satisfaction.