Nashville and the Middle Tennessee areas have been known to receive torrential downpours where significant flooding can occur. When this happens homes and businesses located in these areas are often unprepared and can incur costly water damage to their respective properties. Although great rainfall can lead to extensive flooding, simple issues such as broken hoses and leaky pipes, accidents such as leaving a door open, and appliance mishaps have been known to cause significant water damage to one’s household or business.

Water Damage Causes:

Flooding of one’s property can have severe implications very quickly. Within minutes of water being present, items made of metal including screws, and nails soon begin to rust, making formations held upon by these items structurally unsound. Hours of water being present, can make items made of plywood start to delaminate and particle boards start to buckle. Furniture then will begin to split, crack, and warp, carpets start to stain and dyes from both rugs and walls begin to seep onto other items. Days after water being present, mold will begin to form which brings the “musty” odor water is known to cause, and electronics will begin to malfunction and corrode.

What to do when Water Damage Strikes:

When water is thought to be causing harm to your home or business, you should call Environmental Protective Solutions as soon as possible, because the quicker you call the cheaper and faster your water mitigation services will be. Water can start to produce mold in crawlspaces and basements that are commonly found in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area rather quickly, which is another reason to quickly call EPS in order for your home or business to be eradicated of water by a certified professional water removal service provider. After you call a EPS water mitigation technician will review your property damage and devise a custom plan to remove all signs that water was ever present.

WWhat Separates EPS Water Mitigation from its Competitors?:

Environmental Protective Solutions approaches water mitigation in a different manner by using the tried and tested method of Intrusion Analysis Process (IAP). By focusing on both the structure and loss prevention concurrently EPS greatly enhances savings which is a prime factor in recovering from water damage. This dual approach usually increases restoration/recovery by 50% or more, thus saving your family or business more money in the long run. Our goal is to mitigate the situation of loss by not only stabilizing, but also preventing further damage to the respective property.

With our IAP process, care is taken to undertake preventative measures to stop damaging effects in their tracks. Wet drywall and insulation are taken out to prevent further damage from water. Metal items and finishes are treated and wood finishes are stabilized until they are able to be removed for restoration. Entire roof structures or portions of damage can be Shrink Wrapped to make a weather tight cover to mitigate loss and often save unaffected areas from further water damage. Your EPS water mitigation crew will search the basement and all crawl spaces in search of water damage and if water is found, the necessary water mitigation procedure will be carried out. At the same time test cleaning will be undertaken on items to determine if they are salvageable.