Mold is everywhere. It’s a very common form of life in nature, and it is often beneficial to humans, such as when it is used in antibiotics or in the production of some types of cheese. But when the wrong types of mold take root in a home, they can cause problems for humans. These can include the discomfort of a foul lingering odor, allergic reactions, or even toxic poisoning.

Moisture is the source of all mold. When you have a mold problem, a mold removal and mold remediation service can help you clean it up, while a general contractor can make alterations that will reduce the amount of moisture in your home to prevent the mold from returning.

While there are thousands of mold species in the world, there are a few common types that create the biggest problems for humans in their homes.


Aspergillus is a fairly common form of mold, but the toxins it produces can sometimes cause serious health problems for human beings. It poses a particular risk to individuals with suppressed immune system response.


Cladosporium is another species of mold that is found frequently in homes. It can occasionally cause serious respiratory infections and is also a major source of the allergic reactions to mold that plague so many people.


Alternaria is best known as a danger to plants, but it can find its way into residences and affect humans as well. It is a source of allergic reactions and occasionally severe respiratory infections.

Solving Your Mold Problem

Whatever species of mold has taken residence in your house, professional help is available to help you get rid of it once and for all. A good general contractor will modify your house to keep it safe from moisture. Meanwhile, a mold removal and remediation technician will track down and eradicate the problem molds in your home. When these steps are taken, you and your loved ones will be able to once again breathe freely.