If there is visible mold in your home or business then it should be immediately removed. If you suspect that there is mold, but do not see it then you should call in a professional. The professional service should inspect the home or the building and conduct temperature, moisture, and humidity readings. Once the inspection is completed then air samples might need to be collected to reveal whether or not mold colonies are present. The air samples will also determine the levels of contamination if there are any. It can also detect whether the mold spores are typical for the indoor and outdoor environment or if they are unusual for the environment.

Who Should Clean the Mold?

If there is mold found in your building or home, a professional mold remediation company should be called in to clean up the infected area. Mold remediation companies are experienced in cleaning up mold and will know exactly what they need to do in order to get rid of the mold once and for all.

If the mold is contained in a smaller area you may be able to do the clean-up yourself. You will need to fix all of the water problems that are causing the mold issues first. All items need to be completely dried. You can then use a hard detergent and water in order to scrub the mold away. Make sure that the area gets completely dry.

Any porous or absorbent material such as carpet or ceiling tiles that have become moldy will likely need to be thrown away. The reason for this is because the mold can enter the empty crevices and may become impossible to completely remove.

Mold is something that should be dealt with as soon as you feel you have an issue. Having the mold tested is recommended.