Getting rid of visible mold is of vital importance, but it is equally important to prevent mold from returning once it has been removed. Mold is always present in the air around us, and when conditions become favorable (high humidity, relatively low temperature, lack of sunlight) it can begin to form colonies in no short order.

Keep a Good Eye on Things

It is important to maintain an environment that does not facilitate the growth of mold. The most important factor tends to be humidity, and the easiest way to prevent buildup of excess moisture is to regularly assess the areas of your home that are visited least often (closets, pantries, storage rooms) and circulate the air with a fan to prevent accumulation of moisture.

Let There Be Light!

Mold does not grow well when exposed to UV light, and therefore accumulates in dark areas that do not get regular sunlight. Utilizing CFL bulbs or a work lamp to illuminate areas that cannot gain access to natural sunlight will help to supplement that problem.

Preventing mold can be a time consuming endeavor, but will save much time and money over the long term when compared to the cost and time of repairing damage to one’s home or paying for medical attention in the wake of adverse health effects resulting from exposure to mold.

In Conclusion

Mold can degrade many substances other than food, like wood or fibers. While damage to walls or clothes may be bad enough, damage to sentimental pictures or heirlooms can never be undone. As well, many diseases can arise from long-term exposure to mold, and certain species of mold can even be fatal.

There is no better cure for these problems than preventing mold exposure in the first place, and while many products are available to help give you peace of mind, nothing is better than visual assessment and regular maintenance of those less-frequently visited areas of your home.