If you have mold in your home or apartment, and it is up to you to root it out, then you need to hire the best service for the job. It is not a DIY thing. Anyone who knows anything about mold in a home will tell you that you should never try to remove it on your own. First of all, it could pose a health risk. Second of all, you need specialized equipment. Third of all, you might spread the mold to other parts of the house, and you won’t even know you removed it all by appearance alone. Mold can pose a serious health issue, so it is best to contact a licensed mold remediation service if you suspect you have mold. Even if you’re not sure, you can call up a contractor and have them come out to your house to take a look for you. So, you’ve decided you need to hire a contractor, but what do you need to know before hiring one? Here are some tips when hiring a mold removal contractor.

Get at least three price quotes before you sign a contract. You should also verify the license status, ask for proof of education or training on mold remediation, and then check with the institution or school where they got the education to make sure they’re not lying about it. Also, ask for references from past contractors and past clients.

Remember, you are not a professional so don’t think about doing the DIY approach. Some of the techniques used by mold removal experts include steam cleaning, gamma ray irradiation, and washing with a strong detergent and bleach mix. If you are not highly skilled in this area, or a mold remediation expert yourself, then steer clear of doing it yourself.